Safaricom has overtaken Wananchi Group-owned Zuku in fixed internet connections and now controls 34 per cent of the market, latest data shows. According to statistics from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) for the three months to September, Safaricom had 154,603 fixed home and office connections compared 151,548 for Zuku.

Safaricom’s fixed internet market share has increased by 1.3 percentage points from 32.7 percent at the end of June while Zuku's share shrank by 1.5 percentage points from 34.8 percent in the same period.

This is the first time that Safaricom has replaced Zuku as the leader in fixed internet connections since it started offering the services in 2017. In the three months to September, the giant eyed increased investment and added 16,779 connections, compared with 5,199 additions at Zuku. This strengthened its position as the fixed internet market leader.

Overall, the total number of customers on fixed internet connections rose 8 percent to 454,840 in the three months to September.